TELLUS air quality monitors by Allentown schools for better health.

Understanding the impact of environmental factors on public health is crucial, and we’re proud to announce an initiative aimed at addressing air quality concerns in Allentown, Pa. Through a partnership between the city, the Center for Sustainable Innovation (CSI), and national nonprofit US Ignite, a new outdoor air quality monitoring project will be launched this summer.

The project involves placing TELLUS air quality monitors outside several city schools, with data collected helping to inform decision-making to enhance residents’ health. Terrence DeFranco, CSI’s executive director, highlights the project’s potential for community impact and leveraging data for social determinants of health.

The Lehigh Valley has faced air quality challenges, exacerbated by factors like truck traffic and climate change. This initiative aims to tackle these issues head-on, with plans to analyze data collaboratively and address community needs. The project also aligns with the district’s commitment to providing a safe and healthy learning environment, evidenced by a recent partnership with IotaComm for indoor air monitoring.

We’re excited about the positive impact this project will have on public health and education in Allentown. Stay tuned for updates as we work together to improve air quality and community well-being!


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