AirU+ and AirU Pro

Air quality monitoring made simple.

Introducing the next generation of AirU monitors.

With every order, you’ll receive the AirView™ Dashboard and see your community featured on the AirView Map!


Air Quality Monitors

Meet AirU Pro – your smart air quality manager. Just plug it in with a USB-C cable, connect to Wi-Fi or cellular using the SIM card, and use the secure TELLUS AirView app. This device collects data and sends it to TELLUS for easy access through the AirView dashboard, API, or SD card. Control and analyze air quality effortlessly with AirU Pro for a cleaner environment.

Customize your AirU Pro! Tailor it to your needs by adding specific sensors like Ozone, PM10, Dust, and more. Make it uniquely yours for precise air quality monitoring.

Built on a scalable platform, TELLUS devices are designed to adapt to meet your specific pollution measurement requirements. With its expandable circuit board, the AirU+ can be personalized to deliver highly accurate measurements of the air pollutants you care about helping you gain insights to reduce air pollution exposure and make data-driven decisions.

Its lightweight, low-profile & ultra-low power consumption make the AirU+ an ideal choice for a discrete and effective solution to particulate matter and redox gases air quality monitoring.

Which AirU® is best for you?

AirU Pro



From $499

From $299


7.6in (192mm) x 5.3in (136mm) x 2.7in (69mm)

*Varies if wind sensor is mounted on top

4.7in (120mm) x 4.7in (120mm) x 2.4in (61mm)

Network & Geolocation

4G LTE / Wi-Fi


LoRaWAN (coming soon)



Standard Sensors


GPS Location


Relative humidity

Barometric pressure



Relative Humidity

Optional Sensors



NOx + O3

CO + H2S




…and more! 

Optional Other Sensors

Decibels (Noise)

MET (Wind)


USB-C (5V/2A)

Solar Panel

External Battery


Solar Panel

External Battery


Universal mounting

IP23 dust and water resistance

Universal mounting

IP22 dust and water resistance


Easy access SD card

Third-party compatible

Over-the-air updates

Custom Sensor Configuration

SUMMA Canister compatible

On-board SD card

Thrid-party compatible




Maps & Dashboards

Packages & Offers

Service and Support Package

Comprehensive tools for your air quality monitoring network – ensuring reliable data, expert maintenance, and peace of mind

  • Seasonal calibrations unique to each sensor
  • Rigorous automated data screening
  • Device and sensor replacements
  • Engineering, Firmware, and Service support

Personal Monitoring Package

Monitor inside and outside your home

  • 2 AirU monitors of your choice connected to Wi-Fi
  • Remote dashboard

Sensor Network Deployment Package

Mix AirU monitors to get the coverage required for your project

  • AirU+ monitors for PM2.5/PM10
  • AirU Pro monitors w/customized sensor selection and optional 4G LTE
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Host AirView Map

Facilities Monitoring Package

Remotely monitor air quality in the workplace and share metrics

  • AirU Pro monitors w/customized sensor selection and optional 4G LTE
  • Remote dashboard

Fenceline Monitoring Package

Detect VOCs and other chemical measurements to identify pollution sources and levels of exposure

  • AirU Pro monitors w/customized sensor selection and optional 4G LTE
  • SUMMA Canister for lab testing
  • Solar panel power supply
  • Sensor Network Dashboard

Construction Monitoring Package

Understand the impact of construction dust and heavy equipment exhaust & emissions

  • AirU monitors for PM2.5/PM10
  • AirU Pro monitors w/customized sensor selection & optional 4G LTE
  • Portable battery power supply for short-term monitoring
  • Sensor Network dashboard


Add to your air quality monitors

Replacement power supply (AirU/AirU+)

Replacement power supply (AirU Pro)

Solar Power Supply Kit (AirU+/Pro)

Outdoor Power Outlet Weatherproof Cover

Portable Power Supply (SM-6400 mAh)

Portable Power Supply (MDL – 19200 mAh)

Portable Power Supply (MDH – 24000 mAh)

Portable Power Supply (LG – 67200 mAh)

Universal Pole/Rail Mount Straps (AirU Pro/AirU+)

Universal Mounting Adapters (4pack)

Tri-pod Kit with Anchors

Met – Weather Station (wind speed & direction)

SUMMA Canister

USB Extension Cable (25 Feet)

Replacement PM2.5 Sensor