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TELLUS offers smart network deployments powered by TELLUS CoreDI, featuring intuitive dashboard and reporting tools for easy air quality monitoring.

Enhance your network’s capabilities with TELLUS CoreDI, integrating regulatory instruments and sensors in your region. Our advanced modeling, based on spatial statistics and dynamic calibration factors, ensures accurate measurements.

Each sensor’s calibration factor traces back to government measurements, ensuring high accuracy at an affordable price.

Meet AirView© by TELLUS

It’s not about the NODES themselves, but the space between

The AirView Map and Dashboard are your gateways to understanding air quality micro-climates and identifying pollution contributors through visualizations and alerts, keeping your community informed.

With AirView you can view and download raw and modeled air quality data to support data-driven decisions.

What we've been up to:

AirView Map
Air pollution concentration visualized

AirView Dashboard
Real-time air pollution metrics

  • 3 Stage Calibration

    ○ Pre-deployment laboratory

    ○ Automatically updated seasonal correction factors

    ○ Rigorous outlier screening

  • Integrate Measurements From Third Party Sources

    ○ Regulatory & Open-Source Monitors

  • Host AirView Map On Your Websites

  • Consolidated Data Management

    ○ By source

    ○ Time series

  • Download Measurements

    ○ Historical data

    ○ Correlations

    ○ GPS coordinates

    ○ Flagged as outliers

    ○ Correction factors

All the power you need in one small device

Discrete, ultra-low power, and lightweight air pollution monitor capable of monitoring indoor and outdoor pollutants to provide insights helping communities make data-driven decisions to reduce exposure to particulate matter, emissions, and more.

Measurements are transmitted to the TELLUS cloud for analysis and stored on the device as a backup.

Easy to install & connect
Compatible with third-party devices
Onboard backup memory card
Low cost of ownership
Reliable connectivity
Modular sensor platform, add sensors at any time

Innovative Technology

AirView© patented technology allows TELLUS to produce up-to-date and verifiable calibrations unique to each location that are directly traceable back to reference measurement instruments.

Whether you are a community organization or municipality interested in monitoring pollution and pollution contributors, TELLUS offers the most cost effective and accurate air quality monitoring visualizations without the burden of interpreting often-conflicting measurements that can be confusing to community members.

Government agencies produce maps based on very limited high-accuracy measurements that fail to capture local dynamics while low-cost alternative sensor networks typically provide inaccurate air quality measurements that are difficult to make sense of.

How does it work?

AirU air quality monitors pull in ambient air using a low-powered fan. The air flows along a series of pathways into a chamber before the air is exhausted back into the atmosphere. Along the way, various sensors take samples of the passing air and these measurements are both uploaded to the TELLUS Cloud as well as written to its onboard SD card as a backup.

The data can be accessed remotely through your personal dashboard for further analysis and insights.

Data Integration Process

Measurements are collected from multiple organizations and 3rd party sources, such as local state agencies and the EPA. TELLUS provides a suite of data correction and machine-learning-based modeling techniques that are applied to non-regulatory measurements to provide the most accurate data available. Incoming measurements are first screened and flagged for outliers as they are logged in the TELLUS database.

Then, data is periodically scanned retroactively using sophisticated spatiotemporal filtering to find and flag potentially drifted measurements.

Finally, spatiotemporal models are provided for every study region making it possible for calibrated air quality estimates at any location and time.

AirView™ Powered by

TELLUS CoreDI is the culmination of over 15 combined years of rigorous multidisciplinary research, born out of the University of Utah. Focused on high spatial resolution air quality monitoring that is both economical and reliable. Designed to be integrated by local organizations and municipalities with a high degree of trust in the data.

A highly entwined, multi-tier hardware-software ecosystem that ensures the most accurate data collection and representation.

A suite of statistical tools developed in-house and refined over the last five years using trillions of data points spanning multiple regions across the globe to screen for outliers and flag erroneous measurements in real time.

Integration of 3rd party ground-truth data sources to continuously apply [update] in situ field calibrations to the network to correct for ever-changing environmental conditions and ensure the most accurate and trustworthy data.

Machine-learning-based spatial and temporal interpolation functions to reliably provide pollution information between data sources to provide pollution measurements anywhere in the network region.

● GPS location verification
● Statistically modeled regions (TELLUS CoreDI)
● Real-time, easy to digest and interpret
● Localized pollution notifications
Sensor Network Map with Visualizations
● 2-way, 3rd party integration for indoor and outdoor applications
● Enhance monitoring capabilities and data accuracy of existing sensor network
Applications Programming Interface (API)
● Verifiable calibrations for each region and season that are directly traceable back to EPA (TELLUS CoreDI) reference instruments
● Pre-deployment laboratory calibration
● EPA/DAQ co-location and seasonal correction factors (TELLUS CoreDI)
● Rigorous outlier/cross-validation screening (TELLUS CoreDI)
● Leverage measurements from EPA/DAQ and third parties (if API is available other sources can be integrated)
● Data fusion algorithms (TELLUS CoreDI) that are based on statistics related to time, distance, and elevation
Calibration & Data Quality Assurance
● Custom aggregations across all purchased sensors
● Real-time metrics
● Sensor network health
● Access to raw, flagged, and modeled data
Air Quality Data Dashboard

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