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AirU 2.0


AirU Pro

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The AirU Pro is powered by a 5V USB-C cable, and can easily connect to a local Wi-Fi network or cellular network (with the provided sim card), using the secure TELLUS AirView app. Once connected, the AirU Pro will periodically collect air quality data and securely upload it to the TELLUS server. Users have multiple options to view their air quality data, including through the AirView dashboard on any computer or smartphone, directly from the API, and from the onboard SD card. This flexibility allows for easy access and analysis of air quality data. 

Portable Power Supply (MDH – 24000 mAh)

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    Select your network option:

    Wi-Fi4G LTE

    Select your sensors:

    PM2.5 (Included in each AirU Pro)PM10COH2SCH2OVOCsSO2NO2O3

    Select other options:

    MET (Wind)Decibels (Noise)Summa Canister

    What comes in the box?

    • AirU Monitor
    • Power Supply (3m)
    • Welcome card with installation instructions

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